Month: April 2012

15 Apr

Budgeting When You’re Broke

Why are you broke in the first place, handling money in the wrong way leads to no money in hand. Whenever money is concerned, you should always be over conscious. Money must be put to the right use. Generally it’s the students who fall into this category.  They spend money ruthlessly when they have in hand.

Unnecessary shopping, eating junk food outside always require a lot of money.  In the name of socialization, students hang out and spend money. Proper budget has to be made. Cost of living and living life style should be changed and revised from time to time. Should always accept changes and expenses have to be reduced. Prioritize bills and allocate money. Living on credit should be avoided. All unhealthy means of using money should be stopped.  All the left over money at the end of the week or month should be stored in a safe place.