Month: October 2013

16 Oct

How to Find the Best Deal on Your New Car

  When shopping for a new car you want to make sure you’re getting it for the best price possible. You can do a lot of work when negotiating and haggling the price with the sales person, but if you’re smart you can save yourself money before you even arrive at the dealership. Use these tips below to ensure you get the best price possible. carsUnderstand What You Want from Your New Car You will have so many options open to you when it comes to buying a new car. The amount the car will cost you will greatly depend on the choices you make. If you have your heart set on a specific color remember that it will cost you more to have it manufactured, wouldn’t it be easier to simply buy the color of the model that is sat on the forecourt? It will certainly save you time and money! The same goes with the optional extras too. Do you really need the higher specifications? If the specs are important to you consider buying a model that’s generally cheaper so you can have the extras. Play the Dealers Off Against One Another Many dealerships aim to beat other dealerships on price. There is usually only a small margin to play with but you may be able to persuade the dealer to make a further discount if it means they’re going to close the sale. When buying a car on finance the seller will often be in line for some commission, so they are more likely to be more flexible to ensure they hit their targets and to improve their wage packet for the month. Ask the dealers for their lowest possible price with all fees included and then try your hand at encouraging one dealer to go lower than the other, you never know, it could work out nicely for you and the salesperson. You Have the Internet, So Use it to Find the Right Deal Begin your search by using the Internet to your advantage. You’re already researching before heading to the dealership by reading this article so you’re already on the right path. The Internet will help you to avoid the difficult negotiation process from the start; you can begin by comparing prices from the comfort of your own home. It saves you a lot of time as well as money. The Internet is like the backdoor to the dealership sales department. You can visit websites and find the going rates for the car you want and even use contact forms to ask for some more detailed quotes without having to have a conversation. This is perfect if you know you lack confidence when it comes to negotiations. It’s also useful when you are still in the process of working out what you can afford. A great place to start is web. They have a wide selection of dealers so you can find new cars and the best prices and deals in your area or in your budget. Now you know where to go we recommend heading over and spending a few hours seeing what’s available.