Month: January 2014

28 Jan

The financial benefits of growing older

   We're all led to believe that we don't have much to look forward to as we get older, but is that really the case? With medical research constantly finding new treatments and cures for health problems we can expect to live much longer than the traditional 'three score years and ten' of our forefathers. So growing old doesn't have to mean a life restricted to creaking knees, aching hips and an empty wallet.

Over 60 years of age

The Citizen's Advice Bureau offers details of the benefits that people over the age of 60 can expect to receive, according to certain criteria in some cases.

The financial benefits of growing older

Although most people no longer qualify to receive state pension at age 60 there are still plenty of financial benefits available for the over 60s. Pension credit can help to top up your income even if you are not drawing your state pension, and other benefits include help with housing costs, winter fuel payments and additional cold weather payments which are available if the temperature drops below a certain level.

The age at which people can start to receive their state pension changes according to your date of birth, so check out the details available on the Citizen's Advice website to find out how recent changes in pension law affect you and those nearest to you. Where you live in the United Kingdom also plays a part in the benefits you can receive and the age at which you can apply for them, so make sure you are armed with the most up-to-date information and claim your full entitlement.

Free prescriptions and eye tests are just two of the benefits available for the over 60s and many local health authorities organise special rates at certain times of day to anyone over this age, so check what it available in your local area.

Over 50s

Surprisingly, many financial benefits are available for those people who have reached the fairly young age of 50. Newspapers and journals constantly bombard us with the information that middle age now begins at 50, but many service providers consider people above this age to be of particular interest.

Most people over the age of 50 are reasonably financially stable and have good incomes after many years of hard work. Children have usually left home meaning that a household has more disposable income to hand, and with the flightiness of youth long gone, this age bracket is considered to be sensible, safe and mature. This is why home and content insurance for people over 50 is so competitive, with some companies dealing exclusively with this age group.

It's a similar story with car insurance as companies recognise the safe driving habits of those drivers who have many years of driving under their belts. Premiums drop accordingly and the savings to be had by shopping around can be quite considerable.

Concessions can be found across a wide range of entertainments and activities, so it's worth looking out for special deals in cinemas, theatres, restaurants and other venues.

Image credit : Renjith Krishnan