Month: May 2016

21 May

Workplace Energy Saving Guidelines

  Many companies are now required to fill in a Corporate Social Responsibility report. This is an essential requirement for every company that is listed on the stock exchange. Any company that isn’t reducing its carbon emissions can be fined by the government. This is part of the government’s aim to make the UK carbon neutral by 2020. If you don’t want your company to be fined, you need to take action now. The government are currently giving out heavy fines to companies who aren’t reducing their carbon emissions. These 12 steps will show you how to turn your company green. 1. Use a reduced quantity of Paper– Save important documents on your computer of keeping a paper copy.Paper can also be recycled very easily, however 35% of the average company’s waste is paper. It is also advisable to print on both sides of the paper. 2. Go Digital – PayPal can be used to send statements and payments digitally. Long documents can also be saved as PDFs and sent electronically. Software is also available to allow contracts to be signed digitally. 3. Turn off Your PC – Before you leave the office, get into the routine of switching everything off. However, you can set your computer to switch itself off a pre-selected time each day. Some monitors switch themselves off after a few minutes of inactivity. 4. Recycle – Putting a recycle bin next to the photocopier, should encourage your staff to recycle. Getting them into the routine of recycling will give them no reason not to do it. You can also produce fertiliser by composting any leftover food. 5. Use Green Providers– When choosing business suppliers, look into their environmental policy The carbon emissions they produce doing work for you will increase your company’s carbon emissions. 6. Reprocess–Think if someone else may find your old stuff useful before throwing it out. Any unwanted items that are still in good condition will be welcome in any charity shop. 7. Junk Letters– Request to be removed from any mailing list that you are receiving junk mail from. 8. Green Workplace– When you buy new things for your office, try to get items that are environmentally friendly. 9. Dripping Taps – Make sure that taps are completely turned off before leaving the bathroom.A dripping tap can waste up to 10,000 litres of water per year. 10. Teaching– Your staff will need to see what needs to be done before they can implement any of the changes.Don’t just assume that they know how to recycle. 11. Label Light Switches – Have you ever switched a couple of light switches before you found the one that you need? Labelling the switches will make it easy when it comes to locking up time. This can help you save energy. 12. Turn off Lights in Vacant Rooms and Then Connect Sensors – Any store rooms, photocopier rooms and kitchens in your office would benefit from sensor lighting. These lights have sensors so they can detect when someone is in the room and when someone has left.